Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tales of a lazy farm girl

Sooo, the second batch of wwoofers left yesterday. They did a lot of dirty work (literally) weeding and especially hauling manure/straw for sheet mulching. They did our annual bury the mummy berry spores under cardboard, compost and mulch effort with the help of Steve, and Becca (and me driving the truck). That means the worst jobs of winter are all done and now it is time to wait for the sun.

Some of those seeds I planted that larky warm day in January sprouted and are valiently braving the cold. They aren't growing much but they are there, a testament to the will to grow no matter what. I believe in them. And I believe in that sentiment. I may build them a little plastic tent to grow under if I get ambitious but the way I am feeling today I doubt it.

In fact, I doubt I am going to do much except feed the animals and do what I want today. See, the gang all went skiing for a week and left me here alone (well, alone if you don't count the cat, the dog, the 17 hens and 2 roosters, the 2 cows and 2 steers, the goat, and the 5 ewes and their 4 babies). That's almost alone. So far today I cleaned house cuz it was bugging me and I wanted to. I am about to go on a walk with a friend and if I knew somebody with TV recption I might beg to go over there and watch the Olympics.

Clearly, a lazy day. Hope you are having a grand V'day. Steve left me beautiful flowers before he took off for Montana. What a guy!

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