Sunday, February 7, 2010

One of those days

Ever have one of those days where you had really high hopes for the day and you just didn't pull it off. Today was one of those for me.

I woke up smiley like a bunny and hopped right down and took a nice warm shower. Ummm. I love showers. The day was going to be just fine, I thought. But then I slowed down. Steve is teaching a class here today so I was being kind of quiet so as not to disturb the 12 people trying to learn to feel a cranial pulse.

I started reading about how to grow nutrient dense food and how to interpret the soil test results we just got. I quickly got in WAY over my head with the chemistry stuff. (Makes me wish I had spent more time in high school learning chemistry and less time playing jotto.) Eventually, it all started looking like gobbly gook so I set that down and made myself some yummy little toast pizzas for breakfast. They were just like my 7th grade cooking teacher taught me to make except I used Dave's amazing bread instead of little white English muffins. (Hate to say it but they were super yummy and a great way to use that last little bit of Friday night's spaghetti sauce--do you know how to make them--a slice of bread, a dab of spaghetti sauce and then you sprinkle it all with cheese and broil for 3 minutes. They are surprisingly yummy). Anyway, after a couple of those little pizzas jobbers, I read for awhile as I am starting to feel guilty about not having read our coming book for my book group but unfortunately that didn't hold my attention either. Nothing against the book. I really like the book--Astrid and Veronica by Linda Olsson--I was just restless.

By then it was lunch time and the class streamed downstairs and I still hadn't really done anything. So I quick like a bunny hopped outside to pick more nettles but I forgot my gloves so that inspiration didn't last long. Now my hands are all tingly and sparkly (kind of nice, kind of not so nice). I got the nettles drying in the dehydrator and it was already time to go on a walk with my friend Gloria. This was the good part of the day. Nice weather, beautiful walk by the river, and time with a good friend. That was perfect except that Charlie the wonder dog decided to be obstreperous instead of his usual gentlemanly self. He began chasing cars just to bother me (I could tell by the look on his face). I had to rein him in and drag him along instead of let him run free on this very rural road we were walking on. I have to say that this put a damper on the relaxing part of the walk. But still, it was a great walk and very fun to see Gloria.

Then I came home all tired and crashed on the bed. I was supposed to be putting clean sheets on it but that big pile of comforter and pillows looked so inviting, I snuggled right in. I finally dragged myself out of that delicious pile of pillows and made the bed but then I immediately started longing to be a regular American with TV reception so I could watch the superbowl. I don't know why but I love watching the superbowl. It isn't like I even like football or anything. I just like the spectacle of it. Earlier in the day I tried to talk Aidan into a plan where we would drive into town to the movie theatre to watch it the game on the big screen where it is free and we could eat popcorn. I think he thought that sounded stupid because he sort of grunted one of those classic 14 year old grunts that tells a mom in no uncertain terms how dumb her brilliant idea is. Using my superior intelligence, I took his grunt as a definite no and that ended that. Eventually, I started calling my friends that have TV reception but not a single one answered their phone so they either were all engrossed in the game or were smart enough to be out doing something more exciting than watching a bunch of grown men bash their heads in.

So that leaves me here, waiting for Steve's class to end still stinky from my walk (which thereby undoes the one thing I actually did accomplish today beside walk--ie take a shower). I have absolutely NO ambition. The day is almost over and I did virtually nothing. I guess somedays are just like that. Maybe I will take a nap.

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  1. I love you! I have days like that sometimes.