Monday, December 6, 2010


While you guys have been WAITING for me not to be such a lazy bones and write another blog post, I have been waiting for Brigid to have a baby. She kind of looks like the Goodyear blimp--very, very round in the middle.

Hopefully this time she will actually have a baby. Remember we were waiting last year too and she tricked us. Lots of stomach, no baby. This year we had the very best intentions to get that AI guy back out and check her to make sure she was pregnant but we forgot (again) and now here it is time for her to have that baby and we still don't know. So we are waiting.

Everyday I go out and peek and everyday she glares at me. She is running around like a fool in spring. I am assuming that is a bad sign. The thing we have going for us is before the AI guy came this time, Steve took her aside and said 'Brigid, either get pregnant this time or you are going in the freezer." He can be pretty convincing when he says things like this.

The other day I told Steve she definitely looked fat enough to be pregnant but he reminded me she was eating for 4....meaning that she keeps all the other cattle from eating their dinners. Quite a power monger, she has to be the boss and she has to eat first--at all four feeding stations!

It's pretty hilarious actually. She runs from feeding station to feeding station flailing her horns around, taking a bite or two at each one hoping to keep others from eating. They look on mournfully knowing if they try to ease their way in she will whack them with her horns. Even the ones with horns give way she has them so bullied. There is nothing like being the queen bee, I'd say. Even when you are a cow.

Unfortunately for her, this practice has made her quite portly...and the other cows quite fit. Someday she is going to look down and see she has lost her girlish figure and understand that eating first isn't all that it is cracked up to be.

But in the meantime, she is eating and we are waiting. I will let you know if anything exciting happens.

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