Saturday, March 13, 2010

Planting sweet peas in the sunshine

How good does life get when I get to go outside on a sunny spring day, get my hands dirty and plant 4 big rows of sweet peas. I say, mighty good. And then when I come back inside and make a big pot of chowder to bring to a potluck with my friends it only gets better. And then when I get to throw some chocolate in a bowl and bake up dessert, well, I am just here to say life is good. And delicious.


  1. Ahhhh...sounds wonderful...what kind of chowder? We're not even close to planting time yet...we're in the midst of getting 3+ inches of rain at the moment, but it is cold and sure to snow again a few times yet.

    What kind of chowder???

  2. Salmon chowder...with corn, onions and potatoes...we had a really fun night...watched a documentary with friends at our monthly documentary night is much more fun to watch these serious movies with people to discuss them with.