Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Excellent Question

Somebody just asked me why I don't just put a bull out in the pasture with Brigid and let nature take its course.

I would love (really love) to except:

1) I don't feel confident enough to handle a bull, and especially if it escaped.
2) It is hard to find bulls in these parts and even harder to find bull owners that are quick about picking up the bulls they drop off. So if we did get over our trepidation about dealing with the bull, we might be feeding it all winter, and believe me that would cost a lot more than a few visits from the AI guy.
3) We don't have a trailer for moving cows. It seems like we might want one if we wanted control of how long the bull was here.
4) I would feel horrible if my ignorance caused some kind of accident and somebody got hurt by the bull.
5) Having a bull around is WAY out of my confort zone.

I own that these reasons are mostly just me being fearful, but I think somethings are worthy of being afraid of. And in my book, until I know more, bulls fall squarely in that category. If only I could invite Ferdinand for the winter.


  1. Excellent decision, methinks...bulls can be really scary!

  2. yea, maybe in a few years I will be more friendly towards a bull. My favorite sign I saw in Ireland was the 'beware of bull' sign that was hanging on the fence by the ladder the farmer left to climb over the fence so that people (tourists) could get to a cool ancient stone monument that was in his pasture. Made me think twice before walking all over his land.